The Bloggings

This is my somewhat opinionated blog, where I plan to write and show things that I am interested in and I hope other people might be interested in also. The topics will likely include science, tech, politics and news. My contact information is Gerry Shaw, email

Here is the story of my first long distance Tesla Model S 85D road trip. Like the trip, the text is a bit long but will give you some idea about the practicality of doing a long road trip in a Tesla using their free chargers and, when necessary, using other ways of getting electrons. The opinion of people on the blog is divided. Some people thought that it was hilarious others thought in long winded and boring, but as a matter of fact two people who read it actually then went out and bought Tesla model S cars. An Opinionated and Judgmental Tesla Road Trip.

What is the total number of cells in the brain? How many are neurons and how many are astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, microglia, endothelia etc. etc.? You would think this is a topic you would think would have been figured out long ago. However there is much misinformation about this, in particular the claim that glia vastly outnumber neurons in the brain. Here is the Whole Story.

Also here is my advice to new graduates on how to navigate through a career in academic science in the US, based on my own experiences and with a healthy amount of cynicism.

And here is the latest blogging I had time to do, a long winded description of my recent Teslaing from Florida to Chicago and back. Specifically Another Tesla road trip, Florida to Chicago and back this time.

A couple of months ago I did a trip to Cape Town, South Africa, by way of Doha, Qatar, for one of these boondoggle meetings I go to. I could not go in the Tesla on account of the Atlantic ocean being in the way, so I had to take one of those noisy smelly flying things. Here is Qatar and Cape Town and back.